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Beauvaisis in confidence

Are you new to the Beauvaisis region and you’re looking for information about places to visit, trendy places to go and activities to do? You’re in the right place. Whether you are here as a couple, with friends, as a family or group, we have plenty of documentation depending on what you’re looking for.

Explore Beauvaisis

The Beauvaisis tourism map

Find your way around the area, stress-free 

With the Beauvaisis tourism map, you can explore Beauvaisis on 6 themes:

  • A nature theme ‘in the great outdoors’ to find out where the camper van parking areas, hiking trails and cycle paths are
  • An ‘exploration’ theme to explore the must-sees of Beauvais and Beauvaisis
  • A ‘sports facilities’ theme to keep the whole family entertained with sports complexes, petanque pits, fishing spots, multisport pitches, football and rugby pitches, tennis courts and so much more.
  • A ‘public buildings’ theme with administrative and public buildings.
  • A ‘going out and culture’ theme for cultural outings such as the theatre, media library, cinemas and music venues.
  • A ‘having fun/100% leisure activities’ theme for fun outings with friends or family.

Our MAGs

Beauvaisis en toute confidence, le MAG n°1 vous dévoile ses secrets (only available in French)

32 pages, an original format, engaging images, interesting and quirky articles… this is a brand-new magazine showcasing things to see and do in the local area.

The MAG will provide you with never-before-seen information about some of the people who are behind the very DNA of our destination thanks to their top-quality services, great places where you’ll be able to discover our talented chefs and comfortable accommodation services, exceptional, protected heritage sites, places to go shopping, and so much more.

Beauvaisis en toute confidence, le MAG n°2 vous invite à aimer (only available in French)

Still the same original format, 32 pages, engaging images, interesting and quirky articles… If you liked number 1, you’ll love number 2!

As for the content, this second publication invites you to like Beauvaisis and will take you to meet some of the passionate locals, wander around our magnificent gardens, do some exciting, thrilling activities or head for the heights.

Beauvaisis en toute confidence, le MAG n°3  retour à l’essentiel! (only available in French)

MAG n°3 is going to take you by surprise!

It’s back to the simple things in life for this third edition of the MAG with some great products from our local terroirs, family outings, family anecdotes, wellness and good food, the great outdoors and some fantastic inventions… and lots more surprises.

Take your time, dare to try something new, be inquisitive and enjoy some quality time as a family in Beauvaisis!

Beauvaisis en toute confidence, le MAG n°4 un peu de légèreté ! (only available in French)

MAG n°4 will bring a light-hearted outlook!

We are proud of our local businesses, and so you can read about the values of BIOSEPTYL and their 100% made-in-France toothbrushes in this publication. There is a special ‘wellness‘ article that invites you to take the time to relax in Beauvaisis. Shopaholics will love the 4 pages of shopping recommendations. And in this MAG you can also expect plenty of original articles and recommendations for families or groups of friends.

Beauvaisis en toute confidence, le MAG n°5 se faire plaisir (only available in French)

We are still so proud of our local businesses, and so in number 5 is a double-page article devoted to the JUCERIE in Hermes which is now one of the rare industrial factories in the world to produce fresh fruit juice on a daily basis that boasts both great taste and nutritional value!

There is also a special families article with some ideas for stays in the local area, a page devoted to our producers for all the best recommendations and to cook an entire meal using only local products. There are articles about taking your time and treating yourselves, and a presentation of the river Thérain and the wide range of activities available. So many great experiences and a whole host of great ideas for couples, families or groups of friends.

Beauvaisis en toute confidence, le MAG n°6 des souvenirs authentiques à partager (only available in French)

Each publication begins with an article on a local business. This one includes a double-page presentation of the BRIQUETERIE DEWULF which is a historic factory still producing bricks from mud and clay according to authentic techniques.

There is also a page devoted to an icon for the town of Beauvais, Jeanne Hachette, who is well-known for her act of heroism when she prevented an attack from Charles the Bold and his Burgundian troops in 1472. There are also articles about spending quality time as a family thanks to a wide range of leisure activities, both in the air and on the ground, a presentation of the remarkable work done by the Parks and Gardens team from Beauvais town council, an article about some delicious sweet treats and some recommendations about where to go for a drink out on the terrace this summer!

Beauvaisis en toute confidence, le MAG n°7 le plaisir en famille (only available in French)

A double-page spread is devoted to the Manufacture nationale de la Tapisserie: after 2 years of work, the building has reopened. The 12 weavers who work there perpetuate this local know-how with the production of basse-lisse.

There are also 4 pages full of good addresses for a successful shopping experience according to the interests of each person: a budget traveller, a family, a couple, a professional… there is something for everyone! “Experience the 5 senses” thanks to the double-page spread of the same name, enjoy a fun evening out in Beauvais with ideas for outings, take a walk around the Coulée Verte, or enjoy a convivial stay to please the whole family.

Beauvaisis en toute confidence, MAG n°8 just for you! (only available in French)

In this issue, find out more about the emblematic AGCO company, which manufactures the famous red tractors we see in our countryside. And take the time to meet the Maillard family, true aviation enthusiasts, in an exclusive interview. Are you a hiking enthusiast? A double-page spread with ideas for walks has been specially designed for you. There’s also a page dedicated to families, with leisure activities such as Parc SAINT PAUL or Ferme Natur’a, a complete dossier on 2023, the European Capital of Gastronomy, 5 good reasons to shop at the market… and many other great experiences await you.

And did you know that the Tourist Office can organize tailor-made programs just for you, for groups of 10 or more? As you flip through the last few pages, Marie and Catherine will be delighted to put together a personalized program for you.

Beauvaisis en toute confidence, MAG n°9 Take your time! (only available in French)

Beauvaisis is a region that suggests you put time on pause for a visit, a night in charming accommodation, a tasting of some local flavors…

For this ninth edition of MAG, we are proud to dedicate a double-page spread to Mon Pari Gourmand, a company that has been delighting visitors’ taste buds since 1957. Throughout the 32 pages of this issue, you’ll be able to indulge in the pleasures of La Dolce Vita, appreciate the flavours of local produce on your plate, discover the benefits of donkey milk, and embark on an unusual journey back in time in a century-old tortillard…

We also invite you to discover the 1001 sporting facets of our region, and how Beauvaisis is a true land of games !

All our suggestions for groups in Beauvais and the surrounding area

Welcome to Beauvais!

The Beauvaisis region is the perfect place for a getaway rich in sensations and emotions. Boasting a remarkable historical, natural and vernacular heritage, choose your program: relaxation and total disconnection; sports and nature; discovery and art of living; sharing and culture… the combinations are endless! We look forward to hearing from you, whether you’re an association, a group of friends, a CCAS… We look forward to hearing from you.

Relax in Beauvais

Leisure activities guide

To find out about all the places to visit, leisure activities and restaurants in Beauvais and the region

In the leisure activities guide you’ll find:

  • all the historic places and heritage sites of Beauvaisis
  • gardens and parks to explore
  • museums and company tours
  • leisure complexes
  • nature and places to go for walks, picnic areas and local farmer’s markets of Beauvaisis
  • shops
  • restaurants and cultural venues

The leisure guide is also available in 8 languages


Our leisure guide is also available in 8 languages: Romanian, Portuguese, Polish, English, German, Italian, Spanish and Dutch (new), so that everyone can find the essential places to visit and discover in the Beauvaisis area, whether they’re just passing through via an airport stopover, on vacation in the Oise or newly settled in Beauvaisis.


Beauvais, ‘town of art and history’ invites you to come on 4 sightseeing trails in the town centre. You’ll admire the most remarkable monuments as well as some more discreet places as you journey back through 2,000 years of history and architecture. Along the various trails, you’ll find signposts with information about the different sights and the salamander logo.


Every year, the Tourist Office organises themed, original, surprising and out-of-the-ordinary guided tours, in partnership with Beauvais town council’s ‘Ville d’Art et d’Histoire’ department.

You will be invited to find out more about our beautiful town’s history, heritage and architecture, from a different perspective: there’s an evening tour of the Cathedral of St. Peter, out-of-the-ordinary tours in the style of a ‘duel’ of viewpoints between the guides, sporty tours by bike or on foot, and of course the tours especially for children on Wednesdays during the school holidays.

Experience something new and go on one of these 1.5 – 2-hour original tours. Take advantage of this great opportunity to learn something new and have fun at the same time. 


This trail through the historic town centre of Beauvais invites children aged between 7 and 12 to come and help Colin, a young 8-year-old boy from Beauvais, to find out more about his family tree by following the symbols on the pavement at the Place Jeanne-Hachette. The budding little explorers will have to answer questions and observe their surroundings as they learn about the history of Beauvais and its key monuments.


This investigation invites children aged 7 to 12 to explore the area around the Cathedral with a map, looking for little details dotted here and there. At each step along the way, our budding detectives will learn about the monuments and architectural details around them thanks to coded riddles, and using their sense of observation and brain power. Keep your eyes peeled!

Staying in Beauvais

The Accommodation Guide

If you’re looking for a comfortable and inviting place to stay, browse the list of accommodation in Beauvais and the surrounding region

The accommodation guide provides details of all the Beauvais & Beauvaisis Tourist Office partner establishments, divided into 3 categories:

  • hotels
  • holiday gites and bed & breakfasts
  • campsites and camper van parking areas

This accommodation guide is updated every year, so make sure you check it regularly.

Cultural experiences in Beauvaisis

Browse the publications from Beauvais town council’s ‘Ville d’Art et d’Histoire’ department

Since 2012, when the town was awarded the French ‘Ville d’Art et d’Histoire’ label, special publications have been made available every year.
These documents are written for the general public, to find out more about the history, heritage and architecture of Beauvais.


“From the top of these ramparts, 2,000 years of history watch over you!” Beauvais is lucky to still have several sections of the ancient fortifications that date from the 4th-century Roman walls to the medieval and more modern ruins. This brochure unveils two exceptional monuments that you’ll find in the town centre: the 15th-century Tour Boileau and the 16th-century Porte de Bresles bridge.

LAISSEZ-VOUS CONTER : LA CÉRAMIQUE (only available in French)

“The clay of Beauvais”, that is the name given to the stoneware here by famous French potter Bernard Palissy in the 16th century. Learn all about 2,000 years of this expert know-how that is characteristic of the Pays de Bray from Gallo-Roman times, the discovery of stoneware in Beauvaisis in the 14th century, and to the artistic creations of today. A walking tour through the heart of the town to explore the most beautiful examples of architectural ceramics that adorn the various buildings.


80% of the heart of Beauvais was destroyed in 1940 and then completely rebuilt between 1946 and 1963. This architecture was unpopular for a long time, but today it is a key part of the town’s post-war heritage that should be protected and explored. This brochure tells the story of the various stages in rebuilding the town, with an explanation of the architectural design of these buildings, using materials and designs of superior quality.


Along the ancient road from Paris, the Maladrerie is a building of impressive size and intrigues visitors. It is often wrongly considered as an abbey. This brochure tells the story of this former hospital from the Middle Ages, the most well-preserved example of hospital architecture in the northern half of France, with a focus on the three huge 13th-century buildings inside. You’ll also read about the medieval-inspired garden, a wonderful contemporary creation.

FOCUS : LES CATHÉDRALES DE BEAUVAIS (only available in French)

Everyone has heard of the highest Gothic-style choir in the world, but the ‘Basse-Œuvre’ remains less well-known. This brochure will tell the story of not one cathedral, but two, that stand right next to one another. These monuments also house treasures that portray no less than seven centuries of evolution in stained-glass windows, two exceptional clocks and Beauvaisis stoneware that bears witness to this 19th-century industry.


On 3 April 1918, Beauvais was at the centre of World War One strategic operations, where General Foch was given the supreme command from the Allied armies. This was a real turning point in the war and it took place right here in this rural town that welcomed many refugees and the wounded. This brochure details everyday life in Beauvais during the four years of the war, up to the remembrance and tribute to the heroes of Beauvais who died for their country, for France.

FOCUS : ILS ONT LAISSÉ LEUR NOM À BEAUVAIS (only available in French)

Their names feature on road signs, on the facades of public buildings, but do you actually know anything about these great people, some of whom are long-forgotten. From the famous Jeanne Hachette, heroine of Beauvais to the 13th-century encyclopaedist, Vincent de Beauvais, this brochure tells the story of these mayors, bishops, artists, poets, etc. who left their mark on the history of the town throughout the centuries.

FOCUS : LA TAPISSERIE À BEAUVAIS (only available in French)

The tapestries of Beauvais are well-known across the globe as wonderful masterpieces of French decorative art. This brochure tells the story of the 350 years of history of Beauvais’ tapestry factory, from when it was founded in 1664 by the Minister Colbert, to today’s contemporary creations and an explanation of the ‘basse-lisse’ (low warp) technique that is characteristic of Beauvais.


From the 12th century, a Communal charter was introduced in Beauvais, detailing the relations between the Count Bishop and the town. These institutions not only organised the medieval society, they also gave structure to the various areas in the town: from the creation of the town hall to the public square (Place Jeanne Hachette) and of course the church of Saint-Etienne, which very quickly became the central point of the community.


Today, there are almost 15,000 trees in Beauvais, including some superb trees that have been awarded the title of ‘remarkable and heritage trees’ for their age, their size, their rare nature, their history and sometimes their unusual shape. This brochure provides details of a walking tour through the town to discover 24 species, departing from the square in front of the train station, through the town centre, and to the various neighbourhoods. You’ll find QR codes at the foot of each tree.

FOCUS : LES ÉCOLES À BEAUVAIS (only available in French)

From Félix-Faure high school, a protected Historic Monument, to Truffaut high school, a former ‘école normale’, the Jacobin high school, an ancient Ursuline convent, these educational buildings in Beauvais are impressive due to their monumental nature, and are often considered as educational ‘palaces’. This brochure details the history of Beauvais’ schools from the Middle Ages and presents the evolution of the architecture of these buildings up to today.


Nowadays, the cemetery is seen as a place of meditation, but in the 19th century it was considered a place for walking and representation: the reflection of the dead among the living. Like the famous Père-Lachaise, the Beauvais General Cemetery is a true open-air museum. With this brochure in hand, walk through all four enclosures in search of 55 of these funerary monuments and discover those who designed them, from the deceased to the marble workers.


TERRES D’ICI introduces you to the history of the region’s soils and the ways in which they are used. The map at the end of the booklet invites you to visit a sample of symbolic sites testifying to the richness of the local clay heritage.
This document also highlights the players involved in preserving and promoting this cultural, architectural and identity-based heritage.

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