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Beauvaisis in confidence

Beauvaisis urban community

Agglo du Beauvaisis
©Agglo du Beauvaisis

The 53 communes that make up the Beauvaisis urban community.

Beauvais Town Hall

Beauvais, le cœur de l'Oise
©Mairie de Beauvais

Website for the town of Beauvais

Department of Oise

Oise Tourisme

Oise le département
©Oise Le Département
Oise Tourisme, Agence de Développement et de Réservation Touristiques
©Oise Tourisme

This website was created thanks to funding from the Department of Oise and technical assistance from Oise Tourisme.

Paris-Beauvais Destination


Paris-Beauvais airport is in the town of Tillé, 2 km north of Beauvais and around 70 km from Paris.

You can choose from 60 destinations in 19 countries (France, Italy, Morocco, Spain, Sweden, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, etc.)!

The town of Beauvais cultural portal

Beauvaisis Culture
©Beauvais is Culture

Information about the cultural scene, events and latest news on the Beauvais and Beauvaisis cultural portal!

Picardie Regional Tourism Committee

esprit Hauts-de-France
©Esprit Hauts-de-France

Ideas for weekends away, leisure activities, accommodation, restaurants and authentic encounters in the Somme, Aisne and Oise

Pays de Bray Tourist Office

Office de Tourisme Pays de Bray Oise
©Office de Tourisme Pays de Bray

Find out all about the Pays de Bray

Tourist Office for Picardie Verte and the Valleys

Tourisme Picardie Verte
©Office de Tourisme Picardie Verte

Find out all about Picardie Verte 

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