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Our commitment to quality

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The Beauvais & Beauvaisis Tourist Office always strives to make continuous progress and their efforts were rewarded at the end of 2020 when they were awarded the French ‘Qualité Tourisme’ label.

There are two people to contact at the Tourist Office with regards Quality:

Satisfaction questionnaires

As part of their Quality policy, the Tourist Office sends out customer satisfaction questionnaires to collect feedback from customers and improve their services.

To assess the welcome services, visitors are asked to give feedback at the front desk. Questionnaires are also sent out by email.
To assess sales services, questionnaires are sent to customers, agents and service providers.

We value your opinion, please fill in our satisfaction questionnaire.

Comments and suggestions

When they stop by to see us or by email, visitors, customers and partners can provide us with positive or negative comments about the services in the destination, either in writing or by telling us directly. We will take all comments into account and include them in our annual Quality report.

Review websites

We are aware of the importance of our reputation online and so we make sure we monitor any reviews we get on TripAdvisor, Google My Business and Facebook. Besides giving a response to each review, we make sure each one is personalised to provide optimal information about the products and services in the destination.


A complaint must be sent by the customer in writing. When we receive written complaints, we will ensure they are followed up, whoever the service provider in question is. If the complaint is directed directly to us, we will provide a detailed response and will strive to improve our services if needs be. If the complaint is about the destination or a service provider, we will pass on the information to the company in question and we will make sure they provide an explanation and corrective action if necessary.

Have you encountered a difficulty, would you like to issue a complaint, please fill in the complaint form and send it to us at 

Our Quality commitments

Provide friendly welcome services, from actual people

… to ensure a personalised service, we provide our visitors with accurate and accessible information, for an efficient service guaranteed.

Take feedback on board

… quantify and analyse feedback so that corrective measures can be implemented.

Offer our visitors a whole range of services

… the shop, ticket office and guided tours.

Give priority to local know-how and production

… in the products we sell, as well as in our communication tools (publications, website and social networks).

Encourage communication so that the general public has access to all the information they need, wherever they are in the local area

… special days are organised to provide information about the local area, encouraging partnerships between professionals to improve the visitor experience.

Always seek to make progress

… to bring about any improvements that are needed.

All about the ‘Qualité Tourisme’ label

The ‘Qualité Tourisme™’ label is the only one issued by the French State to tourism professionals, to reward welcome services and any other services for visitors.

To be awarded the label, the service provider has to successfully abide by the official quality approach and comply with the expectations required to obtain customer satisfaction. The label is a sign of confidence for customers and there are regular, unexpected and independent inspections of all services offered. This recognition means that customers can be sure of their choice when it comes to tourism establishments, and know that they can expect good quality services.

You’ll come across the ‘Qualité Tourisme™’ throughout your entire stay as it is a label that can be awarded to any establishments in the sector: accommodation, restaurants, places to visit, sports and leisure activities, tourist offices, etc. Thanks to this label, you can plan your holiday with complete peace of mind.

 Whether you have chosen a renowned or a more original destination, big international chain establishments or small family-run businesses, they are all associated with ‘Qualité Tourisme™’ so you can expect an excellent welcome. Almost 5,500 establishments now boast the ‘Qualité Tourisme™’ label.

Are you looking for an establishment with the ‘Qualité Tourisme™’ label? Use this search engine to find the right establishment to suit your needs. 

In our local area, there are three establishments with the label: the MUDO Musée de l’Oise, the Hostellerie Saint-Vincent and Cariwood theme park.

‘Tourisme & Handicap’ label

In 2017, the Beauvais & Beauvaisis Tourist Office was awarded the French ‘Tourisme & Handicap’ label for all types of disability: hearing, mental, physical and visual

What is the ‘Tourisme & Handicap’ label?

The ‘Tourisme & Handicap’ label is awarded by the French State to tourism professionals who have shown that they can ensure their leisure activities or other tourism services are accessible to everyone. This label is awarded to establishments that can meet the specific needs of tourists with a disability. The label guarantees reliable, detailed and impartial information with regards the accessibility of tourism sites and facilities, taking into account all types of disability.

The goal of the Association Tourisme & Handicap is to promote the label and raise awareness. The association also provides opportunities for tourism service providers and the representatives of disabled tourists to work together, to raise awareness with tourism professionals and the general public about welcoming people with a disability and the association also provides support in implementing the tools to promote the various approaches needed to encourage inclusive services.

What are the official websites? 

Use this search engine to find the establishments with this label all over France.

Initiatives introduced by Beauvais Tourist Office

To make sure our visitors can expect a top-quality welcome, we offer specific facilities and services:  

  • Reliable information provided at the front desk by the holiday advisors;
  • A website presenting the accessible services and facilities in the local area;
  • ‘Easy read’ documentation about the main sights of Beauvais and the surrounding area, as well as an audio version to guarantee access to this documentation for the visually impaired and non-sighted;
  • Automatic front door;
  • Lowered counter at the front desk;
  • Seating area;
  • Magnetic loop system at the front desk.

Our sustainable development commitments

The Beauvais & Beauvaisis Tourist Office is well aware of the environmental issues we face today, and is committed to a range of eco-responsible initiatives, as part of their sustainable development policy.

This policy is implemented across the whole of the Beauvais urban community and at our office we have a team member who is in charge of Sustainable Development and who, throughout the year, takes part in workshops to set up various initiatives based on two themes that were chosen as a team:

  • Improve waste management & recycling
  • Limit the consumption of paper at the Tourist Office

Your contact at the Tourist Office:

Our sustainable development initiatives

Encouraging eco-friendly behaviour at the office

Avoiding the use of throwaway items in meetings: using individual mugs, metal spoons, etc.
Sorting waste: since 2019, the bins in the offices have been reserved for paper, cardboard, plastic and metallic packaging only, the bin in the kitchen is used only for household rubbish.

Our publications are produced according to sustainable practices

For these publications, the tourist office works with a printing company that is:

  • Imprim’Vert® certified: they aim to put in place concrete actions which will reduce the impact of their business on the environment.
  • PEFC certified: the company guarantees that our publications are produced using sustainable sources and as such, we play a part in the sustainable management of forests.

Stay informed and read up on the topic

The Syndicat Mixte du Département de l’Oise, an association of municipalities working to encourage waste repurposing, has provided us with sorting containers for paper and packaging, with informative leaflets on recycling.

Reduce energy consumption

  • Switch off the lights in the office when we leave the room 
  • Switch off the lights in the premises when we leave the building 
  • Switch off your computer and screen every evening
  • A timer has been set up for the lights in the corridor on the 2nd floor and in the stairwell. 

Reduce the use of paper and recycle rubbish

  • Limit the use of paper: print only when strictly necessary. Our IT department (DSIT) sends us a email alerting us of the environmental impact when we are printing too much.
  • Recycle ink cartridges: our supplier collects the used cartridges and recycles them. When they come to deliver new cartridges, they will take the empty ones with them and then recycle them.
  • Print on both sides of the paper and re-use copies printed only on one side as scrap paper.
  • Encourage a paper-free system: on 1 January 2020, we stopped using paper for invoicing and we can send our brochures and publications by email or make them available on our website, to download.
  • Manage the documentation stock so documents do not need to be disposed of at the end of the season: monitor stock and work closely with the communications department in charge of producing publications and placing orders.

Reduce our impact on the environment

Encourage car sharing for meetings outside of the tourist office. 

Reduce digital pollution

  • Clear out each mailbox, by deleting the spam folder for example.
  • Store data locally, not on the cloud.
  • Delete old files and avoid keeping copies.
  • Encourage car sharing for meetings outside of the tourist office.

We also display our environmentally friendly commitments in the window of the tourist office. 

Our classification

The Beauvais & Beauvaisis Tourist Office is in category I. It belongs to the network of Tourist Offices in France. 

Your contact at the Tourist Office:

As a continuation of the work we started for the application and then acquisition of the French ‘Qualité Tourisme’ label on 24 December 2020, the Tourist Office was classified as a category I establishment on 9 February 2021, which is a level of excellence in the French national classification for tourist offices.

This label is awarded by the French State for a period of five years, and is recognition of top-quality service. It is awarded to tourist offices that are managed in a structured, efficient and professional manner. All departments of the tourist office are involved in the classification: the welcome services (bilingual holiday advisors, front desk open 7 days a week during the high season, top-quality advice, welcoming atmosphere, etc.), promotion and communication (digital tools, social networks, publications, mailing, quality content, etc.), sales (shop, tickets, holiday deals, good quality marketing approach, etc.) and the quality of services provided (staff training, motivation, interest in the tasks performed, etc.).

This classification can therefore be considered as professional recognition and also a powerful tool to boost the tourist office’s role in developing the tourism industry across the local area.

The Tourist Office is actively involved in all levels of the professional tourism network: ADN Tourisme, the National Federation of Tourist Offices in France, the CRTC, Hauts-de-France Regional Tourism Committee, the POT, Platform of Tourism Organisations in Hauts-de-France and the ADT Oise Tourisme, the Departmental Tourism Committee in Oise.


We are therefore committed to:

  • providing a welcome area and information area that are easily accessible.
  • making it easier for you to use our services
  • offering welcoming premises
  • providing free information about the local tourism products and services
  • providing free WiFi
  • displaying our opening hours in at least two foreign languages
  • opening at least 240 days a year, including Saturdays and Sundays in the high season or during key events
  • responding to your emails all year round
  • providing bilingual holiday advisors who will greet you at the front desk
  • providing tourism maps and guides in paper format
  • giving you access to our trilingual website
  • making our tourism documentation available in paper format, translated into at least two foreign languages, on the themes of classified tourism accommodation, monuments and cultural points of interest, natural sites and leisure activities, events and entertainment
  • updating our tourism information annually
  • displaying emergency telephone numbers outside the tourist office
  • presenting all the products and services in the local area to all customers
  • dealing with your complaints and assessing customer satisfaction
  • guaranteeing the accuracy of the information provided about local tourism, and ensuring it is up to date

Our involvement in the LEADER programme

In 2019, the Tourist Office and Beauvaisis urban community got involved in two tourism projects, supported by the European Union.

The Beauvaisis urban community and Beauvais Tourist Office share the same goal of working together on a new approach to tourism development. As such, they began discussions on territorial strategy and an approach to marketing that are centred around the development of activities in the great outdoors. The ‘Protourisme’ and ‘Trace de Trail’ are involved in two projects in partnership with the urban community and the Beauvais Tourist Office. These initiatives were launched in January 2019 and are scheduled to be completed by the end of this year.

Beyond the tourism industry, the Beauvaisis territory is today looking to boost its overall attractiveness, to showcase the wealth of the area and develop the tourism industry in a sustainable way.

These projects concern the entire urban community. This area grew in 2018, from 21 to 53 communes. Tourism products and services are not currently available across the whole area.

There are several objectives in mind for these projects:

  • Boost the tourist economy for the local area.
  • Put forward tools that will showcase and strengthen the current tourism products and services, and propose the development of new activities.
  • Develop awareness of the local area: promote and sell tourism products and services.
  • Develop the outdoor activities sector, turning it into a vector for growth in the tourism industry, positioning Beauvaisis as the ultimate place for outdoor sports.

There are three steps involved in building this strategy:

  • an initial report detailing an overall view of supply and demand, as well as the challenges both private and public stakeholders have to deal with, find solutions and provide answers.
  • the second step involves drawing up the suggestions and recommendations for the strategy.
  • and finally, the last is the step-by-step action plan. For the project on developing outdoor activities, the creation of new itineraries will be put forward.

 Funding for these projects was provided by the European Union, through the LEADER programme. The operational side of these projects required involvement and investment from all stakeholders in the local area (socioeconomic players, local officials, associations) to be able to work towards the objectives together, in partnership.

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