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Privacy Policy

Beauvaisis in confidence

The information published is checked on a regular basis. Beauvais Tourist Office shall not be held liable for any errors or omissions. To notify any errors or to request information is rectified, do not hesitate to contact the webmaster either by telephone or by filling in the contact form.

The technical information featured on this website is for information purposes only and is subject to change depending on any modifications in legislation or regulations.

The Beauvais Tourist Office shall not be held liable for the way in which the information on this website could be interpreted. The user of the website is responsible for taking all appropriate measures to protect their own personal data and/or software programmes from viruses that may be present on the Internet.

Generally speaking, the Beauvais Tourist Office shall not be held liable for any possible damage that may arise while users are viewing the present website. As commonly accepted as the internet code of conduct, the links provided to other websites are given as an indication only and the Beauvais Tourist Office shall not be held liable for the content or the terms and conditions of access. Similarly, any person (physical or moral) wanting to create one or more links to one or more pages of the present website, must inform the webmaster of this website beforehand.

However, the following is authorised without express prior agreement:

  • Quotes, as long as the author’s moral rights are respected by indicating their name and the source.
    Quotes must remain short. This is appreciated both in relation to the publication it is extracted from, as well as the one it is mentioned in. The quote illustrates an idea and should not be used to create a competing copy of the publication it was taken from. Using multiple quotes to create an anthology is considered as a derivative work and will therefore require prior authorisation from the author or copyright holder;
  • The creation of links, as long as the page that the link leads to is not embedded into other pages, especially through the use of frames that belong to the website that requires these pages appear on a whole page featured on the URL

In other cases, especially:

  • If you would like to display the Visit Beauvais logo;
  • If the content of the Beauvais Tourist Office website needs to be integrated into the navigation of your website, especially through the use of frames;
  • If access to the pages that the link leads to is not free;

You will need to request express authorisation from the Beauvais Tourist Office Visit Beauvais by filling in the contact form or by writing to:
Beauvais Tourist Office – 1, rue Beauregard – B.P. 537 – 60005 BEAUVAIS Cedex

Beauvais Tourist Office shall not be held liable for links created by other websites that lead to their website.
The existence of such links does not mean that the Beauvais Tourist Office has given authorisation to these websites or that the content has been approved.

To guarantee the identity and integrity of their website, Beauvais Tourist Office reserves the right to forbid links that do not comply with the objective of this website, or which could jeopardise the institution’s image. The Beauvais Tourist Office cannot be held liable for the content (editorials, illustrations, etc.) of the websites that can be accessed from their own website.

Benchmark laws Law 78-17 of 6 January 1978

  • The Data Protection Act
  • Law of 29 July 1881 Freedom of the Press Act
  • Law 2000-719 of 1 August 2000 Extract from the law on the responsibility of technical service providers
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