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As a family

Beauvaisis in confidence

This is the moment for some quality time together, to disconnect from your daily routine and to have some fun as a family. We’ve thought of everything in Beauvaisis so the parents can relax and the children are entertained. In short, you’ll be able to reconnect, have fun and everyone will be happy. Come on, let’s go!

Meet the animals

Larris farm and petting zoo

©Ferme d’animation du Larris

Once you’ve arrived, you’ll be greeted by a group of goats, each one even cuter than the last. Some of them will come and rub up against you, wanting to be petted. Come and feed the rabbits, chickens, and ducks and meet the farm animals. Alexandra organises visits for families and you can also celebrate your birthday at the farm! The whole family will love it here!

Parc Marcel Dassault

This is a park for the whole family and it’s just outside the town centre. While the children are having a ball at the play areas or rollerskating, the parents can wander around the various gardens at their own pace. Then everyone comes together to go and see the farm animals: rabbits, goats, donkeys, Shetlands, chickens, etc. just follow the trail! There’s nothing better than getting close to nature to observe it.

©Service communication CAB

Embrace the great outdoors

©Bruno Beucher

There are so many good reasons to get out and enjoy the great outdoors: the fresh air is great for both the body and the mind. The children get a change of scenery and leaving their screens behind, and the parents can enjoy a break from the daily grind and breathe in the fresh air. Don’t hesitate to venture off the footpaths and go foraging for mushrooms or pick some little forest flowers. Explore the area either on foot or by bike. And contemplate your surroundings: everyone will feel good and will sleep like babies!

Fun activities in the great outdoors



If you’re looking for excitement and adventure, then this leisure park is for you! It is in the Bois Brûlet and you’ll need half a day to have time for the 12 treetop adventure trails! If you’re afraid of heights, why not try paintballing in the 4,000 m2 special area (from the age of 7) or the Investi’Game which is for anyone over the age of 8. New: Gelball – you won’t have splashes of paint on you, but this time the balls are smaller and softer.

Canada Lake

This place is the green lung of Beauvais. Come and spend the day at the lake, where you can even bring your dog! There are so many activities available here, especially in the summer: sandy beach and swimming to cool off, pedalo boats, kayaking, games for children, beach volleyball, quadracycles, and so much more. You’ll immediately feel like you’re on holiday at Canada Lake. The parents can choose to laze in the sun or play volleyball and the kids will have a ball with the various summer games!

©AS Flament

Some family excitement

The Aéroclub de Beauvais Tillé

©Aéroclub de Beauvais Tillé

How about a short flight as a family to make some unforgettable memories together? Take a seat next to the pilot and fly over Beauvaisis to admire all the natural and heritage treasures of the area. From up in the clouds, you might catch a glimpse of the Cathedral of St. Peter in Beauvais, the children will be absolutely amazed and will be asking when they can do it again!

Virée Mécanique

It’s time for some motor sports, the children will be delighted (and the parents too!). From the age of 5 and on a motorbike or quad bike adapted to their size with special children’s equipment, they can ride around just like the grown-ups: set off into the countryside, practice your slalom, ride over little hills and across obstacles. It’s amazing to ride just like the adults and set off on an adventure!

©Virée mécanique

Parc Saint Paul


At the Parc Saint Paul there are 43 attractions for the whole family! There is a great atmosphere in this theme park and the vibrant characters and decorative sets throughout the park whisk you away into another realm. The little ones will enjoy the laughter and surprise in Pata’Wouf with the mischievous dog, while the more daring will climb aboard the Wood Express, the giant wooden rollercoaster (you know that creaking sound from the wood as the wagons pass over it!).

It’s bedtime!

©Benjamin Teissedre

Camping de la Trye

©Camping de la Trye

The children definitely won’t get bored here thanks to the original rentals for the whole family such as the safari tent, tipi on stilts, cocosweet rental, mobile château, etc. Some of the rentals even have a private Jacuzzi! there’s also a wide range of activities for the whole family, including the heated, covered pool with water slide, pedal karts, quadracycles, trampoline, petanque pit, climbing pyramid, pony rides, canoeing, fishing and so much more.

Eco-cottage at the Domaine du Colombier

An eco-friendly gite set in the middle of 4-hectare grounds. What could be better for a relaxing family holiday? With 3 bedrooms, each with an en-suite bathroom, everyone will have their own space. The kitchen opens out onto the dining room, there’s a terrace area with barbecue, games for the children, bikes, etc. The owners have thought of everything to make sure your stay here is a pleasant one!

©Domaine du Colombier

Les Glycines de Saint-Sulpice


Jean-Luc and Juliette open the doors (decorated with wisteria) to their magnificent farmhouse. You will be given the warmest of welcomes, as if you were a member of the family. Simplicity, generosity and togetherness. Set down your bags in the ‘Montagnarde’ suite: 50 m2 under the eaves with a mountain chalet atmosphere. There’s a double bed for the parents and two single beds for the children. Everyone loves staying at Les Glycines!

Who’s hungry?

Le Jeanne Hachette

Who can resist a hot chocolate, cake or a golden pancake? When you are in the town centre of Beauvais, stop off here and treat yourselves to a quick bite to eat (sweet or savoury). Le Jeanne Hachette has something for everyone, for foodies of all ages. Take a seat on the outdoor terrace if it’s a sunny day and enjoy the breathtaking view over the Place Jeanne Hachette in front of you, for a pleasant moment guaranteed.


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