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Beauvaisis in confidence

Fancy a break in the countryside?

The greenway footpaths are suitable for the whole family to come and explore the valleys, and walk through peaceful forests where you can forage for mushrooms or pick daffodils, depending on the season. Get some fresh air and take some time out as you walk along the footpaths of Beauvais and the surrounding area.

Just a few kilometres from the town centre of Beauvais, the Tourist Office offers a range of marked trails that will take you on an exploration of traditional villages such as Savignies with its creative pottery workshop that’s still in business today, across cereal-growing plains with superb colours at the beginning of the summer, along shaded trails through the forest in Neuville-en-Hez and alongside the rustic riverbanks of the Liovette that flows through Guignecourt for example.

Along the way, you’ll pass by some superb local curiosities including an old-fashioned tithe barn, old graffiti, ancient ruins and the remains of a château and a monumental press. Do you fancy a walk through our beautiful countryside?

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