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Beauvais Airport

Beauvaisis in confidence

An international airport with 80 destinations

Paris-Beauvais Airport in Tillé is your gateway to a holiday in France and elsewhere abroad. There are more than 80 European destinations and 3 in the south of France from Beauvais: Béziers, Marseille and Figari. The nearby Paris airports, Charles De Gaulle and Orly mean that Beauvais is accessible from all over the world.

 Either on your way there or on the way back from a holiday elsewhere, the Beauvais & Beauvaisis is a great place to stop off at, to visit the cathedral with the highest Gothic-style choir in the world, the Place Jeanne Hachette, the pedestrian town centre which is ideal for taking a leisurely stroll or for a shopping spree, and the Maladrerie Saint-Lazare, a religious hospital architectural complex dating from the 13th century and still in very good condition.

In just 30 minutes from getting off your plane, you’ll be at the airport bus stop with a direct and easy route straight into Beauvais town centre and the train station: €1 for a day return ticket to get around Beauvais with no stress and at an affordable price.  

Getting to the airport from the town centre

Route 6: Hôtel de Ville – Paris-Beauvais Airport

Airport parking

Getting to the international airports

Paris-Roissy – Charles de Gaulle

Beauvais is connected to Charles de Gaulle international airport: 

  1. Catch the train from Beauvais to the Gare du Nord in Paris
  2. Then get the RER B from the Gare du Nord to Charles de Gaulle airport (terminals 1 & 3 and terminal 2)


Beauvais is connected to Paris-Orly airport: 

  1. Catch the train from Beauvais to the Gare du Nord in Paris
  2. Then get the RER B from the Gare du Nord to Denfert Rochereau 
  3. And finally take the Orly Bus from Denfert Rochereau to Paris-Orly airport (terminals 1, 2 and 3). 

Private and shared transfers

Available since September 5, TaxyMatch completes the Paris-Beauvais Airport transport offer. It enables passengers to book a private transfer or share it with other travelers. Passengers can thus benefit from an attractive price while reducing their carbon footprint.

Taxymatch fits perfectly between the low-cost solution offered by the Aérobus shuttle and the high-end service provided by cabs.


Reduce your environmental impact by sharing your cab with other travellers heading in the same direction!


Shared cab from 45€/person for a couple, or 90€ in total, or 70€ for a single person!


The price remains fixed regardless of the number of passengers in the vehicle! Available 24/7, adapted to your flight’s arrival time, even in the event of delays and with no waiting charges!


Only 1 hold bag per person and 1 carry-on bag per person in shared transfers. If you’re on your own but have 2 pieces of hold luggage, you can reserve a seat for your luggage for just €25 more.

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