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Fête de la pêche

Fête de la pêche

Fêtes et manifestations

02 June 2024

Every year, the first Sunday in June is traditionally a time of celebration for the fishing world. All over the country, fishing enthusiasts gather to share and learn about the pleasures of fishing. Last year in our department, some 1,000 people gathered in a dozen local associations (AAPPMA).

This year, the Federation wishes to complete the scheme by taking a full part in the event. In addition to the AAPPPMAs, it will be hosting a special day of activities, demonstrations and partner events, in collaboration with the Plan d'Eau du Canada structure.

Dates of the event

  • 02 June 2024 — 08:00 - 19:00

Fête de la pêche

147 Rue de la Mie-au-Roy


  • Free
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