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‘Les Photaumnales’ photography festival

Beauvaisis in confidence

Out of the game
Photographers look at sport

In 2023, the Photaumnales festival celebrates its 20th anniversary! This anniversary is an opportunity to highlight the artists and institutions that have supported us over these two decades. This Hors Jeux edition takes up the unifying theme of sport ahead of the Olympics in July 2024. The program features a wide variety of subjects and aesthetic approaches. It’s also an opportunity for the festival to showcase photographers who question our connection to sporting events, sporting venues, the practice of sport, what it means and what it brings us, its social and sometimes political implications. We’re also talking about the sporting body and the sportswear that has become part of our daily lives.

All in all, a great diversity of photographic disciplines and styles for a festive edition of Photaumnales, more open than ever to the region. This 20th edition of Photaumnales features forty outdoor exhibitions for the general public in the former Picardie region, in the heart of the city of Beauvais, in the Argentine district and in the Parc Dassault. In Amiens in particular, with a major exhibition entitled Mon sport along the Somme canal, and also in Creil, Estrées-Saint-Denis, Noyon and Berck-sur-Mer. The festival is also strengthening its presence in rural areas, in close proximity to local residents, in 9 small towns in the Beauvaisis conurbation, as well as in Clermont-Ferrand and other villages in the Picardy countryside.

The festival is also part of an eco-design approach to exhibitions. They are designed to be eco-responsible, recyclable, mobile and easy to transport, so they can continue to criss-cross the region. This edition has been awarded the Cultural Olympiad label in the Hauts-de-France region.

Fred Boucher, Festival Director
Emmanuelle Halkin, curator in residence

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