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‘Les Photaumnales’ photography festival

Beauvaisis in confidence

Who hasn’t dreamed of capturing that special moment, creating a tribute to something you care about deeply? The art of photography creates the possibility of experiencing and reliving these moments that the camera has rendered immortal, capturing emotions, landscapes, scenes of daily life, events and so much more. It is this art that Diaphane, a photography centre in Picardie, wanted to showcase with the festival, Les Photaumnales . Every year, from September to December, this original event takes over several venues across the region, setting up temporary, themed photography exhibitions: ‘Où se loge la mémoire’ in 2018, ‘Terra Nostra le temps de l’Anthropocène’ in 2019, ‘Flux une société en mouvement’ in 2020 and ‘C’est la fête’ in 2021. During this event, Diaphane showcases and supports contemporary creation. Would you like to find out more about the theme for Photaumnales 2022? For this 19th edition, Les Photaumnales focussed on the theme of Mapping which at a first glance portrays an area using signs, lines and colours. The 2022 edition displays artworks that allow visitors to really embrace the diversity and wealth of the places photographed. The current events in Ukraine and the fact that borders are being called into question are issues that are naturally raised in this exhibition. Five photographers were invited to take part in the event.

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