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Destination Promotion Department

The promotion/communication department is in charge of all communication documents for visitors in paper or digital format, and they are responsible for promoting the destination. They also take care of managing and making photographic resources available, to be able to promote the VisitBeauvais destination on various media.

Call +33(0)3 44 15 30 32 or send an email to

Open from Monday to Friday from 9am to 12.30pm and 1.30pm to 5.30pm

Alexandre TETART

The front desk staff who will be there to greet you

Julie Ibert, holiday and sales advisor, in charge of sustainable development and tourism welcome services
Contact details: +33(0)3 44 15 30 30 or

Melyna Delaigue-Tondut, holiday and sales advisor
Contact details: +33(0)3 44 15 30 30 or

The promotion/communication team

Aurore Caraby, promotion, communication & welcome services manager, in charge of network coordination and quality
Contact details: +33(0)3 44 15 30 32 or

Aurélie Huqueleux, in charge of communication, contact for wellness services, marketing & the press
Contact details: +33(0)3 44 15 30 39 or

Alexandre Tetart, in charge of digital services, MIS contact
Contact details: +33(0)3 44 15 30 36 or

Valentine GUILLOY, chargée de communication
Contact :

Destination Sales Department

Catherine and Judicaël will help you plan your stay from A to Z. Before you arrive, you’ll have all the information you need to make sure your stay here is a success: meeting places, useful telephone numbers and parking recommendations.

Browse the groups brochure for all the must-sees in the destination. If you just need to organise a guided tour, you can book a guide through our various departments.

Contact details: +33(0)3 44 15 30 34 or

Open from Monday to Friday from 9am to 12.30pm and from 1.30pm to 5.30pm

Catherine VILAIN

The destination sales team

Catherine Vilain, marketing & shop manager, contact for partnerships and quality
Contact details: +33(0)3 44 15 67 21 or

Judicaël Chartaux, sales advisor, contact for business tourism & small groups
Contact details: +33(0)3 44 15 30 34 or


Céline BAREL

David Gonclaves, director of Beauvais Tourist Office.
Contact details: +33(0)3 44 15 30 33 or 

Céline Barel, management assistant, HR & Finance contact, contact for tourist tax
Contact details: +33(0)3 44 15 30 37 or

Kilian Morlet, tourism project manager
Contact details: +33(0)3 44 15 66 74 or


Mr. Jean-François Dufour, Mayor of La Neuville-en-Hez, sixth Vice-President in charge of Tourism, camper van parking areas, labelled hiking trails and the promotion of small heritage sites, President of the Tourist Office.
Contact details: 

Mrs Guylaine Capgras, first Vice-President, Municipal councillor in charge of communications with sports associations and Community councillor.
Contact details: 

Mr Frédéric Dumont, second Vice-President, Director of the Campanile hotel and President of the Club Hôtelier.
Contact details: