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‘Les Fêtes Jeanne Hachette’ medieval festivities

Beauvaisis in confidence

Have you ever dreamed of experiencing first-hand what it was like to be a heroine by travelling back to medieval times in Beauvais? Every year, for the last weekend in June, the town of Beauvais wakes up in the year 1472 and celebrates the heroine who brandished an axe to liberate the town from Charles the Bold and his troops. Take a stroll around the medieval market opposite the cathedral and the Middle Ages camp near the Church of St. Etienne. Go for lunch at the tavern and eat from wooden plates as you listen to the troubadours and minstrels. Admire the firebreathers and other entertainers performing for the public throughout the streets of the town. Join the town crier in shouting ‘Noël au Roy’. You’ll hear the clippety-clopping of horses hooves in the distance! The Royal procession is beginning to head down the Rue du 27 Juin for a slow parade through the streets of Beauvais: applaud Jeanne Hachette and Colin Pilon as they walk past you, along with the knights and lords, all in period clothing. Historic performing arts companies will provide original and entertaining shows throughout the weekend. In the evening at the Place Jeanne Hachette, professionals will perform a knights tournament to end the festivities on Saturday. On Sunday, don’t miss the medieval mass at the cathedral.  

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