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Rêverie de la Balayette à Ciel 2024

Rêverie de la Balayette à Ciel 2024 Rêverie de la Balayette à Ciel 2024

Fêtes et manifestations

From 08 to 09 May 2024

To mark 40 years on the road, La Balayette à Ciel is organizing its fifth "Rêverie", showcasing its entire collective.

The aim of this event is to build a bridge - as simple as it gets - between reason and fantasy. It will feature a number of guests who are very dear to us: lecturers, writers, dancers and storytellers who will be asked to educate us?

This artistic adventure will present all our concerts, a collective of almost 20 musical and poetic adventures, capable of uniting all dreamers who are faithful to the Balayette à Ciel?s strolls, or who have simply heard of it from afar?

On May 8 and 9, enter our enchanted parenthesis, and dream with us!

Ask for the program!

Unique concerts
19 non-stop concerts from 2pm to midnight! Singers, comedians, lyricists, musicians... artists in short, ready to make bodies and minds vibrate in unison.

Wild Poetic Establishments
Puppet making, mobiles, totem poles and lectures or performances from a variety of backgrounds.

Cabinet of curiosities
Organized by the Lycée Corot, this exhibition will feature a collection of teachers and students presenting strange objects resulting from mathematics and physics experiments.

Radio Crochet Papillote
A stage open to all friends of the Balayette: a jar of papillotes is available to all callers at the foot of the stage; the pretender Balayeur Céleste comes on stage to read his or her joke or quote discovered inside the wrapper.

Young Moons Village
Stands hosting various utopian partner associations presenting their cultural identity: playful, plastic, civic or literary proposals, and tasty treats to tantalize our taste buds.

Musical installation
A partnership between Balayette à Ciel and Galerie Associative will present a sort of memory of the moods and dreams of the last 10 years (the date of our last Rêverie)
? in the form of an installation featuring 33 plastic works linked to 33 texts by Philox, set to music by Jef Rossi. "Paroles du Balayeur Collectif", created by Jef Rossi, Philox and the Hors Cadre visual arts collective, will take place on the ground floor of the media library, including performances from April 22 to May 17 (opening 6:00 p.m. on the 23rd).

Wednesday, May 8, 2024
2:00 pm: Opening speech (Courtyard stage)
2:45 pm / Buée, Chansons à Rêver (Cour stage)

3:45 pm/ Callegari, Chansons Traits pour Traits (Chapelle stage)
3:45pm/ Totem-making by Ateliers de la Bergerette Kesekça (Etabli de Poïétique sauvage)
15h45 / Performance by Roger Wallet (Installation Testament du Balayeur Collectif)

16h40/ Peaky Players, Irish songs (Courtyard stage)

5:40pm / Ptataz, Diversions en Dix Versions (Chapel stage)
17h40/ Performance Philippe Blondeau (Installation Testament du Balayeur Collectif)
6:35 pm / Pierre Matifat et ses Trouble-Fêtes, Chansons Non-festives quoi que (Cour stage)

19h35/ Phil et Tophe veulent en découdre, Chansons de foire and Musiques de salon (Chapelle stage)
7:35 pm/Puppet-making by Jean de la Lune (Etabli de Poïétique sauvage)

8:45pm/ Mojo Jojo, blues and funk songs Bright C et les Chepakois, Blues&Soul (Courtyard stage)

9:50pm/ Nijinski, blues song-theater (Chapelle stage)
9:50pm/ Papillote open stage with Little Nails (Papillotes jokes stage)

11:00 pm/ Philox, Cécilou & Jef Rossi, Chansons en Secret (Courtyard stage)

Thursday, May 9, 2024
2:00 pm/ So Watt, jazz songs (courtyard stage)
3:00 p.m./ Tant Suspendue, acrobatic dance (parking lot entrance)

3:35 pm/ Amadeus Boobakar, Chansons Râpeuses (courtyard stage)

4:35 pm / Ogame, Melancholic Rap (Chapel stage)
4.35pm/ Mobile-making by Kesekça (Etabli de Poïétique sauvage)

5:35pm/ Bright C. et les Chepakois, Blues&Soul (Courtyard stage)

18h35/ Duo Benkofski Chansons des petits riens (Chapel stage)
18h35/ Performance Philox (1°partie) (Installation Testament du Balayeur Collectif)

19h35/ Daniel Duroy & Léa, Chansons Pas Pour De Rire (Courtyard stage)

8:35pm/ Lucien et Mohanad + surprise guests, Arabo-Andalusian music (Chapelle stage)
8:30pm/ Performance Philox (Part 2) (Installation Testament du Balayeur Collectif)

9:45pm/ Tant Suspendue, acrobatic dance (tree)
9:15pm/ Conference: "Le Balayage nano-rêveur, késako?" by Victor Acha (radio crochet papillotes stage)

22h15/ La fée verte, Musiques à rêver (Chapelle stage)
22h10/ Open stage with Les Irys and Guy Watson (Papillotes radio stage)

11:10pm/ T-A-O, Transes Africaines (Cour stage)

Dates of the event

  • Monday
    Wednesday 14:00 - 01:00 — 14:00 - 01:00
    Thursday 14:00 - 01:00 — 14:00 - 01:00

Rêverie de la Balayette à Ciel 2024

Espace Culturel François Mitterrand
36 Rue du Buzanval

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