Fêtes et manifestations

26 April 2023

From 5 years old

A 100% rock concert for kids and their parents!
They are tall, they are tattooed, they are more or less strong, they have long or shaggy hair, they have guitars (and also drums), they play rock, real rock, and they have clear messages for the kids. Singing along, yes. Going to bed, no. Jumping around, yes. Tidy up your room, no. Having style, yes. To let oneself go, no. To have a big heart, yes. Jumping around in your underwear, yes (but it's hard). Campfires, no. Amps, yes (but be careful with your ears). New Kidz puts its experience of the guitar riff, the distortion and the good moment at the service of the playground.

Pierre Tabel, Jonathan Lamarque and Jérôme Bossuyt all three have played on stages in France and abroad in bands like Nihil, Cafe Flesh or the precocious Mary's Child. They created New Kidz in 2013, to respond to a commission. The band has since released three albums: On the Rockx in 2014, Back II Black in 2018 and III in 2022.

Dates of the event

  • 26 April 2023 — 14:30 - 16:00


L'Ouvre-Boîte, ASCA, Beauvais
8 Avenue de Bourgogne


  • Single fixed rate — 2,50 €