Mots pour mômes

Mots pour mômes

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14 April 2023

CONCERT from 5 years old - Rock, pop and text songs to have fun with words

In this concert, words will be at the feast, all words, in all forms, the spelling which sometimes puts us in trouble, the why of the how, the emotions that these words generate... in a general way, this new show... well... this "concerto for kids" will put the dots on the "i" and the French language in the honor. All this on rock rhythms and sweet and sparkling melodies!

Through the texts of their songs, Virginie and Axl question the rules of spelling and grammar, the sounds, the origin of words, the importance they can have on our emotions... Without any demagogy, they approach this perilous theme in a playful, sincere and very musical way. This is the challenge they have set themselves.

La Fée Mandoline Company - Duration : 45 min

Dates of the event

  • 14 April 2023 — 19:00 - 19:45

Mots pour mômes

salle culturelle communautaire
impasse du petit pont


  • Adult price — 6,00 €
  • Child rate — ( - 18 ans) — 4,00 €