Atelier en réalité virtuelle

 Atelier en réalité virtuelle

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26 April 2023

In order not to miss the train of technology, the regional association of travelling cinemas proposes to discover this promising tool that is the virtual reality headset. Through games, the trainees will learn more about the history of art, the importance of good communication skills, cooperation and disability. After each game session, a debriefing will also allow to look back on the experience and to guide the young people in learning new images and technologies.

From 2pm to 7pm (2 sessions of two hours), from 11 years old, free of charge, on registration, a workshop animated by the Ciné rural 60.

Dates of the event

  • 26 April 2023 — 14:00 - 19:00

Atelier en réalité virtuelle

Médiathèque Madeleine Odent
5 Rue de l'Herbier


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